Pau (France)

Ecocene is an environmental education association located in Pau, in the heart of Béarn, in the south of France. Its specificity is to show, through mediation and training, the different forms of transitions. Ecocene lead all the public to a fine understanding of the stakes and the solutions envisaged, while emphasizing the levers of action that give the place to the local. The ultimate objective is to make everyone more aware, responsible and actor of the quality of their living environment. Its action is translated through numerous projects, in class and/or outside for everyone.

Ecocène, an association law 1901 was created in Pau in 2002, under the name CDIE Béarn. The founding principles of our environmental education activities have been enriched and expanded throughout the history of the association. They are notably ensured by the strong interaction with our historical partners, the University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour and the League of Education of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. From the University, from which a number of leaders come, Ecocene retains the requirement of scientific rigor; With the Ligue de l'Education, the values ​​of popular education are shared and implemented.

In addition to these partnerships, Ecocene addresses the specific challenges of our territory in close relation with institutional and associative actors.

We bring sustainable development in all its dimensions forward, by different approaches, accompanying everyone in their thoughts and understanding of these issues. We put forward means of action and propose concrete solutions adapted to local daily practices.

The environmental issues linked to each other are addressed by our multidisciplinary team according to different themes including water, energy, eco-mobility, air quality, noise pollution, waste, biodiversity, food, climate change or eco-citizenship. In general, any question in which man interacts with his environment is likely to be dealt with.

The aim of the work undertaken is to make each one a little more aware, responsible and actor of the quality of its living environment, in order to move towards concrete and local implementation of sustainable development.