Ecocène Association

Pau (France)

Ecocene is an environmental education association located in Pau, in the heart of Béarn, in the south of France. Its specificity is to show, through mediation and training, the different forms of transitions. Ecocene lead all the public to a fine understanding of the stakes and the solutions envisaged, while emphasizing the levers of action that give the place to the local. The ultimate objective is to make everyone more aware, responsible and actor of the quality of their living environment. Its action is translated through numerous projects, in class and/or outside for everyone.

Sargantana Association

Canfranc (Spain)

Sargantana is an organisation with a civil character and civil organisational structure – a non-governmental organisation. Founded as a cooperative by educators in 1987, it is located in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

Sargantana is dedicated to the management of projects of sustainable and rural development, as well as cross-border projects, training plans and courses. Another of its missions is the design, planning and development of leisure activities and environmental education.

LAG Molise verso il 2000

Campobasso (Italy)

LAG Molise verso il 2000 scarl, is a local development agency that works to support and promote sustainable development, the economic, social, business and employment in the Molise region in line with the objectives of the EU, of the national, regional and local governments development plans.

MUGDER Association

Afyonkarahisar (Turkey)

MUGDER (Mercan International Association of Volunteers) is a non-profit association created in 2011 on the value of volunteering. The founders are volunteer experts in social activities and actions. There are close to 300 registered volunteers. The mission of the association is to generate proximity with the population and associations that need help in everyday life, education, health, culture, sport, technology, nature, etc.