The Serious Game (online game) is one of the achievements of the Climall project. It is included in the pedagogical kit as a section but can also be played independently.

The serious game is a tool adapted to the new cravings and trends of learning of the young people. Thanks to a unique graphic universe, the player is immersed in a specific theme of climate change and local issues. The player has access to basic information on the theme (influence of climate change, local adaptations ...) which will allow him to succeed the mini-game.

The serious game offers 6 mini-games per country or 24 mini-games in total, all articulate around the principle of the quiz. The serious game can be played on tablet and computer.

The game is developed under Creative Commons license in order to pool the computer structure of the game, the computer programs realized for the development of the games (quiz, drag and drop, elements to be found). The icons library, the library of graphic objects specific to each medium or game universe... All or part of these elements could be taken back without payment of particular copyright due to the development of the tool under the Creative Commons license (Willingness of authors to share their creation and not impose restrictive copyright). However, this license includes a minimum of mastery initially accruing to ECOCENE, and then to LIKEN, whose objective is to support the actions of environmental associations in the field and to accompany them to better structure their image.

Other structures can:

  • take advantage of all the available elements by adjusting only the extensions;
  • ask Ecocene and Liken to coordinate the implementation of these extensions and plan the implementation;
  • based on this graphic charter for their communication documents and potentially reuse existing elements, provided that the links are established with Ecocene;
  • to use this dynamics to engage in funding research as long as ECOCENE is involved in the dossier presented.

Zookeeper is the creative structure of the elements and the graphic universe.