The pedagogical kit is a didactic material created with the ambition to offer a set of educators or facilitators tools to work on climate change with young people (12 years+).

The kit is divided into pedagogical sections, each with its own implementations. These sections offer reflection and action activities on environmental and local themes. They remain modular according to the dynamics that the animator wants to adapt the kit according to its working group or its own environmental interests.

The pedagogical kit includes the following elements:

  • Videos on Climate Change;
  • Challenge based on eco-audit;
  • Roleplay;
  • Photo-language;
  • Create your exhibition;
  • Ecological footprint;
  • Ecocalendar;
  • Serious Game (

To complement this list, each country has added a non-exhaustive list of didactic materials to work on climate change themes.

From each of the sections, or pedagogical proposals, contained in this pedagogical kit, you will find:

  • The pedagogical objective;
  • The description of the equipment;
  • Proposals for putting into play;
  • Proposals to go further.

Come learn a little more about climate change and discover the importance of your small actions to solve environmental problems.