The CLIMALL Project, Climate Change a matter of us all, is a European project of strategic partnerships for youth. This project was selected within the framework of the Erasmus+ project call and works thanks to the initial cooperation of four countries: Spain, France, Italy and Turkey.

The objectives of this project are multiple:

  • create cooperation between European structures established in rural areas in the field of non-formal education on the topic of climate change;
  • create an attractive educational package with approved scientific data and examples of exemplary local initiatives to see otherwise the need to build eco-citizenship;
  • promote the links between non-formal education and formal education through adapted content and animation techniques;
  • valorize eco-responsible local projects and resilient territories on a participatory internet space;
  • enabling youth structures and young people from remote areas to be at the base and to participate in a project of educational creation of European scale and then to be the relay to other territories;
  • to initiate the creation of a dynamic European education network for sustainable development based on the valuation of field practices.

In the context of the 2015 COP 21 and the Europe 2020 Strategy, we want to bring the issues of climate change to the attention of as many European citizens as possible. The aim is to raise the awareness of young people by stimulating a dynamic in rural areas and by creating educational tools common to European partner countries to make young people aware, responsible and actors of their living environments.

To raise awareness of climate change, this project is concretized by the creation of three tools: an pedagogical kit, a serious game (online games) and an internet platform.

The training kit is composed of sections on the challenges and consequences of climate change (fighting, adaptation, etc.) in the mountains or in European rural areas. Facilitated by a trained facilitator, the kit puts young people into action and questions them on these issues. The serious game traces the local initiatives and problems inherent to climate change through online mini-games.

The Internet platform lists in an interactive map the actors and initiatives that flourish in favor of respect for the environment.