Afyonkarahisar (Turkey)

MUGDER (Mercan International Association of Volunteers) is a non-profit association created in 2011 on the value of volunteering. The founders are volunteer experts in social activities and actions. There are close to 300 registered volunteers. The mission of the association is to generate proximity with the population and associations that need help in everyday life, education, health, culture, sport, technology, nature, etc.

Our main objectives are based on voluntary activities, the construction of services (libraries, etc.), assistance for the elderly, protection of the environment, education, consultation of young people and children, participation To associative networks, the activities of Youth. Our association works on all types of social, cultural, professional and educational fields. There is no concrete limit to our field of action. We have a dedicated team of volunteers to assist in the reflection and execution of the work. Our wish is to support the development of the population, especially young people.

Adults, youth, seniors can participate in all kinds of activities. The distribution of members is as follows: adults, elderly (20%, 60 people), assets (30%, 90 people), youth (50%, 150 people). We work without differentiating between ages, gender and nationality and we deal specifically with disadvantaged youth. Many volunteers who are experts in their field help us in our work.